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Grow and retain the length of your natural hair       naturally!

Handmade natural-hair products UK. We use 100% natural ingredients where possible

What hair type are you???

Celebrity hair stylist Andre Walker created a hair classification system in his book Andre Talks Hair. Within each category there are subclasses a, b and c (except for Type 4, I have a c in type 4 because there is such a thing as hair that resembles a cotton ball...and I have it!). This particular description has left out Type 1 because Type 1 is straight hair and doesn't have any variations. Hug My Hair can be used for Type 1 hair as it has been recommended for Type 2's. It is only recommended for Type 1 hair if it is particularly dry and damaged. 

How often we should wash our hair depends on how greasy or dry our hair feels. We all have different hair-types, porosities, and hair care needs and should use the information below only as a guide to finding what works best for us as individuals. Sign up today and receive free quality monthly content direct to your inbox.

  1. Big waves
  2. S shaped waves
  3. Waves/Curls

How to hug your hair

Use when needed. Wash hair with warm water then apply a small amount to the ends of your wet hair then detangle. Stay away from the roots as they produce enough oils of their own. Leave in for 15 mins. Then rinse out as normal. Tip: Use our hair oil for best results.

  1. S curl
  2. Springy
  3. Corkscrewy

How to hug your hair

Use our oil or butters after every clarifying wash.  A little goes a long way so use sparingly. After washing, apply a small amount throughout  your hair, detangle and air dry. Good to use on  a dry scalp. It is best used as a leave in. Only wash out if too greasy for you.

  1. s pattern
  2. z pattern
  3. undefined

How to hug your hair

Use our butters up to 3 times a week or daily on problem areas. Use the oil in damp hair, it's particularly good for fine hair. Massage into the scalp and work product from root to tip before detangling and styling (protective styling is highly recommended).