Grow and retain the length of your natural hair...naturally!

Handmade natural-hair products UK. We use 100% natural ingredients where possible

Hug My Hair is Handmade Health Food for your Hair

About us

Hug My Hair is a UK based company. We lovingly handmake our products using ingredients from nature, our staple ingredient being organic, Fairtrade and unrefined shea butter. Our products have been proven to lock in moisture, promote hair growth and make curly, kinky and coily hair shine. This is because scientifically, these hair types are dryer in nature. Hugging your hair will strengthen and nourish your strands from root to tip without weighing fine hair down. Although created with Type 4 hair in mind, Hug My Hair benefits all hair types if used appropriately.

  • Complete Coily Care Set
    Complete Coily Care Set
  • New Shampoo Bar
    New Shampoo Bar
  • With Coconut and Aloe
    With Coconut and Aloe
  • Organic Hair and Body Butter
    Organic Hair and Body Butter
  • 100% Natural Hair Sealants
    100% Natural Hair Sealants
  • 100ml and 30ml
    100ml and 30ml
  • Which is your favourite?
    Which is your favourite?
  • Try one today!
    Try one today!
Complete Coily Care Set
Complete Coily Care Set